Empowering young women to do better, be better and support each other is something I am all about. So naturally, I was excited to be invited to celebrate Mentor MatcHER’s 1 year anniversary on a day so befitting …Women’s Day! A company that specialises in empowering young women to follow their dreams and aspirations through mentorship? Yes please!

The event was initially hosted at The Houses of Parliament (I know right! Swanky!) but unfortunately, due to the fact that the parliament was having their last vote on Brexit at the same time as the scheduled event, it had to be moved to Quaglino’s. I wasn’t too disappointed, Quaglino’s is a gorgeous restaurant with a jaw-dropping aesthetic. There the staff at Mentor MatcHER hosted an insightful celebratory event. Powerful and inspiring business women spoke of their struggles and how they made it to the top of their respective professions. Small focus groups broke off with speakers to discuss the next steps in starting your own business and obtaining mentorship. There were panels discussing how to open doors and break down barriers for women in different industries and at the end of the talks anyone who wanted to sign up to be mentored by these amazing speakers was handed cards to do so. The best thing about this is that even as the company celebrated its anniversary it still didn’t forget it’s prime purpose, mentoring young women.

The evening culminated with a networking social. Delicious hors d’oeuvres from Quaglino’s were whisked around tables while business cards and social handles were exchanged all the while the live jazz bands were cooing in the background. Oh! There was even a goodie bag too! Filled with cakes and other sweets, and lots of beauty products. What a way to celebrate Women’s Day!


The best part is Mentor MatcHER isn’t just a social for Women’s Day, they are a real company specialising in helping real women achieve their goals on a daily basis and anyone can come to their monthly events and find out just what they’re about and find the right mentor to help them achieve their goals.