Spring in England, the most unpredictable weather season of them all. One minute there’s blazing sunshine and literally a moment later it’s pouring rain! I mean England’s weather is already dreary as it is without the problem of trying to figure out what to wear, but never fear Raven is here with some comfy styling tips to keep you warm, cool, dry and stylish all at the same time, ha!

I call this the “I’m a celebrity running errand trying not to be seen- no photos please!(but deep down secretly dressed for the paparazzi shots anyway). And it’s not even that expensive to pull off either!

A simple New Era hat pulls off that conspicuously inconspicous look just right and of course the look wouldn’t be complete if don’t pair it with oversized shades. I just love Quay Australia sunglasses they are very affordable and frame my big nose perfectly lol.  You definitely can’t go wrong with a pair of simple

When it comes to jewellery, I keep it very simple. It’s meant to be a casual look remember? I still like a little bit of sparkle!. You definitely can’t go wrong with a pair of simple Diamond studs. These, I got for my birthday and I can pretty much wear them with any and everything!

Next is the Coat. You can’t go wrong with a structured Camel Coat on black on black on black! looks super casual but chic and trendy! Wear with a pair of Crisp white trainers and you’re styled, comfortable and ready to seize the day in Shoreditch, Soho, or any other hipster S-staring place in London lol.

Dresses like this one from Shein make me so happy. You can hide all the food pooch from that big lunch and still look fly!

I don’t know about you guys but I need a bag when out and about. I like small leather bags but try fitting a mac book pro, various hard drives and charges and the rest of my life that I have to carry with me in a Louis Vuitton Neverfull…let’s just say the name lies. Plus it’s all just too heavy for those delicate leather straps. Nowadays, I usually carry a backpack but look what I found at Asos when I was shopping for Gym clothes! 

I was so surprised at how efficient this bag is. It looks so small but it’s the Mary Poppins’ bag of Nike bags! The many hidden compartments to organise and store things and there’s even another bag inside! (That one’s for sweaty gym clothes after your workout- they thought of Everything!)

It held my laptop, gym stuff, makeup, chargers. All of it and it looks great! Comfy is the new sexy, well for me at least ha! Definitely going to be doing variations of this look all spring long!