Last Sunday was one of the most perfect  Sunday’s I’ve had in a while. The sky was blue, the birds were chirping, the flowers were in full bloom!

Spring had indeed Sprung!

What more could make the day even better?


But wait, it wasn’t just any old Sunday, it was Mothering Sunday, so the fanciest, most lavish brunch available. Nothing but the best for the queen who brought me into this world.  Nowhere else but Roux at Landau would do!

I had it all planned. First, I took her for a makeover down in Carnaby street.  The flagship Mac had her covered. She had no idea. The smile on her face said it all though!

Next we took a leisurely stroll down Regent street, peering into shop windows, occasionally popping in to give pretty things that caught our eye a forever home!

By the time we were done shopping, we’d covered half the length of Regent street and were on our way to Roux.

Our table was ready and waiting by the time we arrived but seeing as mummy had never been before, I took her to explore the rest of the Langham. It’s really a place you have to see for yourself.  Floor to ceiling marble, huge bouquets of scented fresh flowers fill the lobby with the smell of lavender and roses.

Once seated the champagne started flowing! The menu was just …wow. So much variety. From oysters to caviar to macaroni and cheese lol. You name it, they had it.

The buffet of delicious mouth-watering appetisers was so good, we wanted to try it all. We had to be careful not to fill up too much otherwise there’d be no room for the mains.

And of course the mains were just art…

For dessert there was a never ending choice of delectable handmade pastries, pies, cakes, mousses, cookies, muffins, sorbets, fruit, cheeses…jeeze louise! Soooo much food, I was spoilt for choice.

I had flowers delivered to the concierge who presented them to mum just before we had our mains as per my request. The staff didn’t miss a beat everything ran smoothly. They anticipated my every need.The icing on the cake was mum’s big cheesy grin the entire meal, made by the impeccable service that only The Langham can provide.

For such a high standard of quality and service brunch was actually very reasonably priced. £45 per person gets you three courses (two of which are pretty much all you can eat) and includes tea and coffee after. For £30 more you can have the free flowing champagne option and leave with a full tummy and dignified wobbly feet – that option please! 🙂

 And of course, because it was Mother’s day at the end of the meal we were presented with gifts! A card and a box of chocolate truffles wrapped in a pretty pink branded bow. If you ever need to impress and need some old-world charm, I definitely recommend Roux at Landau.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.