The most talked about trainer release, THE MOST coveted trainer for the summer! Ladies and gentleman I present to you the Yeezy boosts 350 v2 cream. Trying to get a hold of a pair of these is like trying to get a meeting with the president in the white house…damn near impossible! They were dead stock in a matter of minutes. Forget queuing, if you didn’t pre-register for the release there was no chance of getting a pair, no matter how long you queued for.

And here I come…late as usual… I’ve been wanting this particular pair since I heard about it in January. I’m not a sneakerhead, I didn’t know anything about the hype. I didn’t pre-register, didn’t know about the queues. Here’s me thinking I could just rock up to Adidas and buy one. You’re probably all lol-ing your a**es off.  I had to call in every favour with every fashion connect I had to see if I could get a pair at retail price because I damn sure wasn’t going to pay the resell prices on eBay! (have you seen those! People are selling them anywhere from £500 -£2000. That’s effing insane!)

Now that I finally have them what do I think? When I opened the box I swear I saw a glowing white light and heard little angels playing harp music behind me. 😛 LOL okay in all seriousness these are the crispest, slickest, fleekiest white trainers I’ve ever owned. Aside from my Balenciaga’s which are just so damn comfy, but they have that green sole which makes them difficult to style with other colours.

The Yeezys do feel a little weird at first…I felt like I was walking on the moon in space shoes and my first thought was that they made my feet look huge – I’m a size 6.5/7 I wish I had gone at least a half size – full size down. When you walk in them the sole kinda spreads out to absorb the impact, so it looks pretty wide. They have this squishy feeling which you get use to after a couple of minutes but they are just so comfortable and the mouth of the trainers hugs the top of your ankles so you don’t get that awful space between the shoe and your ankle which makes it look liek the shoes are too big for you.

Useful info- The shoe is unisex so if you can’t find your size in women, go looking in the men’s or kid’s section.

The best thing about white Yeezys is they go with everything! They look badass with any outfit and you can dress them up or down. Pair them with some ripped Jeans, and a hoody for a sporty look and add some sunglasses! Be prepared when people see you with them (especially guys) they are going to come up to you and ask you 101 questions about how you got them.


I love these trainers! Head’s up for the next pair which is set to be olive green/Yeezy’s and are rumoured to be dropping between the 7-10 of June. Get the Adidas confirm app to register for the release!


Good luck on your Yeezy hunt!