Oh Notting hill! How I love you in spring and summer!

Sooooo picture this: out in Kensington, beautiful sunshiny day with my photographer shooting my outfit for the gram.

We get a little peckish… ahh perfect weather to find an outdoor garden, have some great food and prosecco, Beer for him! Wouldn’t you know it thunderclouds roll in and rain comes pouring down…great. -_-

Where to go in Kensington when you’re craving greenery and outdoor space but it’s gloomy grey and raining? :/

We kept walking, almost drenched, doom gloom and despair setting in ( lol yes I’m very melodramatic) but as if by magic Portobello appears, hidden on a beautiful little Kensington side street with the most gorgeous “outdoor” garden terrace.

Yes, outdoor is in “” because well they brought the outdoors in.

 Airy, bright, light and surrounded by luscious plants making you feel like you’re in a cosy little garden nook.
It was around 4:00 pm on a Wednesday when we went so nice and quiet but still lively enough to feel warm and inviting. I bet in the evening this place just glows. I can imagine it being super cosy, warm and inviting when the candles are lit and there’s light atmospheric music in the background.

The neighbouring restaurants were pretty much dead. There must be a reason why everyone flocks here right?

Well, have a look for yourself!

I love little boutique restaurants like this because you really do get what you pay for. Real chefs cooking real food in the kitchen. None of that chain “boil-in-the-bag” premade nonsense that you could have made better yourself at home!

A homey family vibe, delicious food and a very reasonable price – especially considering we were in one of the most affluent areas in London! Ferraris and Porches parked just a few doors down and what not.

The food was pretty delicious too! The olive mix was great, pickled & bottled at the restaurant itself. I wasn’t quite a fan of my clam starter though, it was a tad salty…

I ordered the Ragu Di’ Vitello…just mouth watering! But you guys, the pizza! OMG THE PIZZAAAA it was amazing! I know what you’re thinking…”Well, obviously duhhhhh Raven what would you expect from a pizzeria lol” but come on guys there are some places that call themselves pizzerias and they’re pretty much just serving grease! This was not so at Portobello! We were so stuffed we didn’t have dessert but they did look so friggin’ good!! You know how much I love to stuff my face!

This quaint little gem hidden away in the fold of Notting hill is everything, chic and understated. They let the food do the talking.  If you’re ever in Kensington and looking for a lovely intimate dining experience, with staff that really pay attention to detail, then I highly recommend Portobello Ristorante Pizzeria!

Photos by Stéphane Boucaud. @snb.photos