It’s summer and it’s absolutely roasting in London! The threat of melting makeup, sweaty boob syndrome, and arm pit sweat stains on that crisp white blouse is enough to put anyone off making an effort with their summer wardrobe, but who says being stylish in the heat has to be a pain in the ass?

Here are 6 tips to keep you cool and looking chic in the heatwave.

1. wear loose clothing!

Tight dresses, figure hugging outfits ..yea, that’s all great but when it’s 30 degrees outside and the sun is making sweat roll down my back I feel like a slab of lamb tied up and roasting in the oven. That’s why I go for light weight breezy breathable fabrics. Yes of course I still want to accentuate my curves so a belt around the waist does the trick! Works with dresses, jeans, shorts, trousers, you name it!

2. Not everyday dresses

Okay okay YES, it’s summer, I get it…every girl everywhere is breaking out the maxis..urgh boring! It’s 2017, can we just give them a rest for one summer?! When it’s that humid and hot how do you not get swamp ass & swamp thighs under all that fabric! lol plus I’m tired of seeing the EXACT outline of a chick’s butt crack because she isn’t wearing any knickers under her maxi dress.

Try loose fitting cigarette pants, culottes and palazzo trousers….so much more versatile and flattering and it gives you a much better shape!

3. Keep the make up light

Trust me on this one. After half an hour in the humid air your fake lashes will be on your cheeks, your mascara will be running. Your pores will be screaming bloody murder. I’m not saying don’t do make up, I love a bit of glam but choose lighter foundations. super light airy fairy lashes and skip the heavy lipstick for a light liquid lip.

4.The long weave down to your back….yea -__-

Aint no body got time for that! lol. I don’t know about you guys but that long Brazilian 26” can go sit in a corner. My brain is not cooking for want of a wig lol. I choose a light bob or a really breathable wig like this one from Divawigs which has no tracks and a breathable cap with airholes… can someone say “Yassss!”

5. Go European! Ditch the heels.

Okay so as much as I hate to admit it, we barely wear heels here unless it’s a night out or going somewhere special and that sucks because I’m very much a heels girl. Buttttt when you’ve got to do a lot of walking and everything in London is so far away from each other you’ll be thankful you ditched the heels. Just make sure those feet a well pedi-ed and you’ll be good to go!

  6. Accessorise well

I lived in Saint lucia for a very long time and let me tell you the first thing I took off when I started to feel hot and sticky was the jewellery. Clunky bracelets and necklaces…just let that ish go! Sometimes less is more and bare skin can be your best accessory. 😉

When it comes to belts and bags choose pieces that complement each other. matching shoe bag and belt combo is an old style technique that still works wonders if done right 🙂

Now I’ve dropped my pearls of wisdom on you go forth and slay beauts! Hope you’re enjoying the sun as much as I am before England does what England does best and returns to the shaite weather! lol

love ya


Photography by the talented Darius Alexender